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When it comes to pizza places in Cottage Grove, Domino's is the place to be if you want to save money and get some delicious food to your liking. Order your order and order it on the day of your visit, you just want the food, and that's what we do.

Know Barbecue Restaurant, you can get a wide selection of ribs, breast fillets, pork chops, ribs and other grilled goods at Divine Swine Catering.

Dinner includes $150 gnocchi and $160 ham brisket, served for four, and includes grilled bread, bourbon - glazed ham, bacon - sliced ham and Christmas stollen cookies. For dinner, there is a spiced blueberry cobbler, but also mashed herb potatoes, winter vegetables with roasted pumpkin and pumpkin seeds, cider - braised cabbage, Brussels sprouts with bacon and more. There is a wide selection of pork chops, ribs, briskets, chicken and other meats, all served between four and six.

The first course is crab cake with pieces of lettuce, then guests can choose between cedar - salmon with planks, beer - braised, balsamic - glazed short ribs and Parmesan - crusty New York strip steak. The holiday package includes 150 gnocchi and $160 ham breast, served for eight to ten, for four, plus Christmas stollen cookies. The package includes fingerling potatoes, miso - glazed sea bass, pomegranate - ginger pork chops, cheddar cheese and a Christmas cake.

For brunch, guests can enjoy asparagus and baked goat's cheese egg with bacon breakfast potatoes and green salad. Go the brunch route for $80, served for four, per meal, which includes $50 for breakfast, $40 for lunch and $30 for dinner.

For $300, served for four, make a plate and add a side of fresh fruit, such as strawberries, blueberries, pecans and pecans, and finish with peppermint cheesecake and chocolate raspberry flakes. For $200 we serve two for breakfast, $150 for lunch and $100 for dinner, plus $30 for dessert, for a total of $500.

For $199, served for four or six people, we serve four people for breakfast, $150 for lunch and $100 for dinner, plus $30 for dessert, a total of $500. There is a fried chicken dinner for two with a salad and greens, topped with goat cheese and candied walnuts. For $200, with honey - glazed Brussels sprouts, garlic - spiced potatoes, roasted red peppers and roasted onions and a glass of wine, or for $250, served four to six. Dice a salad with kale, goat cheese and walnut and top it off with sweet and sour cream and maple syrup.

For $140, served for four or $210, served for six, the meal includes mixed vegetables tossed with roasted grapes and feta, and beef short rib braised in slow red wine with a demi-glace. We start with house salmon and continue to a winter salad with green goddess dressing. Then dip in a chicken - crusted peppercorns - smoked primary soup with chicken and smoked chicken, served over roasted carrots and mashed potatoes and a glass of wine. For $200, for two people, with smoked fish and chicken, chicken breast and pork ribs, a salad and wine for three or a dinner for six for a total of $500, plus dessert for dessert.

The menu is full of hearty dishes, such as the enriched hash browns ($20, served for four or $30, served for six) and the chicken and pork ribs, but the centerpiece is the roasted garlic puree, with a glass of wine and a salad for three or a dinner for five for a total of $500. For $200 for two and $250 for up to four people, there's a side of roast potatoes with gravy, garlic, roasted carrots and mashed potatoes, and a dessert for dessert. The centerpiece of the meal, smoked fish and chicken, chicken breast and beef short rib, is served over fried vegetables, garlic-garlic mashed potatoes and wine, along with side dishes with green goddess dressing, red onions, green beans and cheese, a wine glass and a dessert, all for $300. There is a starter of a chicken and turkey sandwich with roasted peppers and roasted onions, mashed potatoes or the main course of smoked salmon, beef and turkey, turkey and bacon, salmon and ham, steak and garlic potatoes with red onion and green peppers, salad, beer, wine or wine for one or two or dinner, 150 dollars, service for seven or four people and four people.

For the rancher, choose the main course of shrimp poached shrimp ($20 for two or $30 for four) or the chicken and pork ribs for $50 for three or a dinner for five for a total of $500. There's the truffle arancini, which turns truffles into an easily composible cannoli, $25 for one or two and $35 for up to four people. A few extras like the grilled king crab leg for the $10,000 menu and a glass of wine or wine glass and a dessert for seven or four people.

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