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Cottage Grove, Minn. - Minnesota State University - St. Paul head coach and general manager Mike Cottage talks about his team's recent success.

Just southeast of the Twin Cities is Woodward Ponds, a new townhome community that has something for everyone. The community is bordered to the north by the brand new East Ravine Parkway and is conveniently located for those who enjoy walking, walking and cycling. In addition, there are old trees, including mature pines, birches, oaks, maples, pines, elms and oaks. And you'll find a neighborhood that prefers to maintain its connection with its neighbors and community.

The earliest road through the village was the Military Road, approved by Congress in 1850 to lead from Point Douglas to Fort Ripley and on to St. Paul. The road opened in 1851 from Grey Cloud Island in Stillwater to Old Cottage Grove and Afton. In the 1940s, the weather highway 61 replaced Hastings Avenue, which connected the township with St. Paul, and in the 1950s the old road between the two townships.

Cottage Grove had about 30,000 residents in 2000 and was one of Minnesota's fastest-growing communities. Before Grey Cloud Township was founded in the 1960s, it covered the eastern half of Grey Cloud Island.

The historic house that still stands was built in 1851 by Robert William Watson from timber that went down the Mississippi from St. Anthony Falls. It was the first house in Cottage Grove and one of the oldest in Minnesota.

John and his wife Isabella ran a shop in the small settlement that had emerged from the first farmers in the neighborhood.

After moving to the West Coast and after the first buttercream candy company failed, he and his wife moved back to Minneapolis and started a company called Mar-O-Bar. Together with business partner Bruce Murrie, they founded M & M's in 1941, which became the world's biggest candy debut. As the company grew into a $30 billion confectionery colossus, its Minnesota roots led to inventions like the Milky Way and Minneapolis. After Franklin died and was buried in the Lakewood Cemetery in Minneapolis, his son Forrest Sr. took over the businesses and the inventive tradition was continued.

Joseph W. and Theodore Furber settled in Cottage Grove in 1846, and his brother John moved to the area in 1851. John and Joseph Furbers clad the first house on the west side of the Minnesota-Wisconsin border, on the corner of North Avenue and North Street. The Pennsylvania native, who served in the Wisconsin infantry during the Civil War and later founded a confectionery company with his grandson Franklin, was accompanied by his wife and two sons Theodore and John.

Several German-speaking families settled in the eastern Cottage Grove and enriched the cultural diversity of the area. The once rural area began to experience the effects of suburban sprawl, and in the late 1950s and early 1960s, several of the city's most prominent businesses, such as the St. Paul Public Library and the Minnesota Museum of Natural History, moved into the neighborhood.

In 1875, George Woodward and others organized one of the first Creameries in Minnesota, the Langdon Butter and Cheese Factory. This work was supported by the efforts of the Mars family, who erected a large granite monument to their family as a tribute. There is a small museum in the Natural History Museum of the Hüttenhains and a museum in the public library St. Paul.

In addition, Cottage Grove had many architecturally elaborate libraries, which had a large number of books and served as great learning spaces. In 1869, a railway line with a station in Langdon was built in the western part of the community between Hastings and St Paul. By connecting the river city with the wagon road, Old C's Grove could thrive as an inland town. Hartley Mars was the first resident of Cottage Grove, Minnesota, to arrive in Cottages Grove in 1868 with his wife and two children.

I love the Park Collection because it is one of the most interesting and interesting collections in the state of Minnesota, and I am a big fan of its collection of photos and artifacts.

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More About Cottage Grove